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The tow truck business to the ordinary person may seem like one boring and heavy duty job with nothing much to it. However, there is much more than meet the eye in this line of work. The situations and circumstances the tow truck drivers find them in can be out right hilarious and funny. While it may annoy one of the parties (client or owner), it remains funny to other witnesses. The thought of it later is worth a funny discussion by the parties involved.

What can be hilarious about the tow truck business?

If you take your time to get to know this business, you will identify several stories that will crack your ribs. It is true that you need to be tough if you will get through this business as a tow truck owner. On the other hand, you cannot help to get yourself in an outrageous situation in your line of work with the different types of clients. You are probably thinking it cannot happen. The following are stories that have got people cracking in the business.

What is worth calling for a tow truck?  

In one incidence, the owner of a tow truck receives a call from a lady indicating that her tires were all flat out and she did not have any tires with her to have someone fix them. In addition, the weather was really bad and raining. Soon after, the owner receives another call from a different client requesting to be towed after his car simply died out on him and could not start. The owner decides to rescue the woman first considering that she called in first. He asks the man to wait as he seeks to remain professional.

It so happens that the man always had the same tow truck owner tow him anytime he is in trouble. Eventually the tow truck owner arrives hours later and on realizing it was his usual client, he apologizes and they begin to converse. Out of curiosity the client asks why the current rescue took such a long time.

The owner giggles and in one answer he says, “women.” Still in the dark and surprised he asks what happened. The owner decides to narrate the entire ordeal.

A woman calls the tow truck owner and makes a complaint that her car had multiple flat tires. This sounds serious and he still does not understand why the owner was giggling about initially. He goes ahead to keep listening and the owner reveals that the woman did not have any flat tires. They all laugh together but at this point, the clients thought that it was a woman simply seeking attention from a man or still a woman pulling a prank. However, the question still remains, what took so long? It happens that the woman had bald tires and she was simply afraid to drive the car in the rain. The first thing the client asked was whether the woman was driving a luxury car. They both nod and laugh all the way out. The tow truck owner had to tow her home.

You know, it is amazing what different people consider an emergency to consist of. While the client was waiting for a tow truck to get his car for repairs so he can go to work, someone else just needs a tow truck to get herself and her car functional luxury car home. Maybe just, maybe she just needs a dose of her own medicine. When she is in an actual problem, someone else should waste her time so she can wait for hours on end.

What tow truck owners have to deal with!  

Tow truck owners seek to ensure that they come in handy during emergencies and that they respond on a timely manner to ensure efficiency and professionalism. However, clients seem to take advantage of this and they end up calling in for no just reason. It is agreed that you will pay for the services rendered but it is important to consider the current state and purpose of tow truck services. Other stories are insanely funny with clients picking up fights after parking their cars in the wrong parking zones. With the thought of having their cars repossessed, clients go to extreme cases of trying to back out of the situation.