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5 Things we Should Give Up for Lent

With Lent rapidly approaching, everyone starts to panic about what they are going to give up. Most women go with either Chocolate or Wine and men tend to give up Beer.

But what should we be giving up? We surround ourselves every day with negativity without even realising, so how do we switch that negativity for positivity? We let go of something important to us to appreciate the smaller things in life. Most things we give up are luxuries. Chocolate and Beer for instance, are things we choose to indulge in but we don’t need. What happens when you exclude the important things we take for granted, like escalators? Or pillows? Kate Spade watches and handbags (joke!) See… bet you’ve never even thought about giving them up but what would you do without them? Yes, you would make do. So we got together and came up with a list of everyday essentials we take for granted. We suggest you choose at least one of the options to detox your life for Lent. Obviously, you can choose as many as you like but I bet just 1 will be hard enough!  So here it goes… Lent.

All drinks but water

Forget alcohol, forget fizzy drinks. You don’t need apple juice or Whiskey, the only thing your body needs is water so have a detox and drink nothing but H2O. That includes tea and coffee guys! I can hear all of you Starbucks addicts in the background asking what you will do without caffeine. Water keeps us hydrated, which in turn keeps us alive and awake. It also helps us sleep. Giving us the feeling of a full stomach makes us believe our body is using energy to digest the food in our full stomach, making us feel sleepy. So what else do you need? See how you feel after 40 days. You never know, you might keep this going when you see the benefits.


Yes, you’re right. This is a luxury and it is not an essential part of our everyday lives. But it is a big part of our daily routines, without even noticing. Facebook has become our best friend and a way to express our own vanity. People who use Facebook, use it as a way to stay in touch with family and friends, share exciting news and post that perfect selfie. But when do you ever see over-eating, accidental pregnancies and arguments with parents? “What’s on your mind?” isn’t what is really on your mind, is it? Life isn’t as sweet as Facebook makes you believe. So stop hiding behind all the fantasies and create your own story. If people need to contact you, then let them ring you or even better, write you a letter! You’ll soon find out who your true Facebook Friends are and I bet you’re not left with 1,008 after 40 days.

Spoons & Forks

Unless you’re a master at chopsticks, this is going to be incredibly hard. Giving up spoons essentially means giving up liquid based foods like soup, which ensures you will only ever eat ‘proper’ food (I use that term loosely). Dedicating your life to chopsticks will bring a little bit of fun back into your life and it will also teach you how to keep calm, resist temptation and learn something new! Patience is key for this one, so bring it on!


Easy? Think of all the long bus journeys and gym sessions. I love music but that is something else we take for granted. It’s all just background noise. When was the last time you actually sat down and listened to the melody of a song, or the lyrics? Yes, we can all sing every word of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” but have you ever listened to what it is Beyonce is trying to say? Probably not, because music is just something to pass the time when it should be a luxury. Don’t use and abuse something just because you can, appreciate it for what it is. A work of art. Not only that, you should spend some more time with your own thoughts. That 40 minute bus journey every morning gives you time to consider your life. Not using headphones gives you the opportunity to listen to your surroundings and feel the sound. Connect yourself to nature and re-kindle the magic of music.


I can hear all the screams from here. Makeup has become a security blanket for nearly every girl and even some boys. We don’t feel ‘safe’ without it, but why not? If like me, you’re fed up of societies argument over what we should and shouldn’t like and what is fat and what’s not, then don’t even consider makeup. Give your skin a break and let it breathe for 40 days. Maybe even give up all skin care products and let your body work its own magic. You might be surprised.

So there you go girls, something to aim for in 2018!