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Best photo-viewed places in Dubai to capture in Camera


Dubai can be celebrated for its structural marvels, but the largest city in the UAE offers many striking sights beyond the sparkling towers. The social transition of Dubai is evident in the smart road works and neighborhoods that blend the old world feeling with a contemporary style. On your next trip to Dubai, you must enjoy all the visual pleasure that the city brings to the table. Here are the best places to photograph in the city. Thus, just by carrying a car when Rent a car Dubai, you can easily access the entire site in less than a month by signing monthly car rental contracts.

1. Bastakiya Historical District

To explore the Bastakiya region, you can lose any sense of direction in the limited backgrounds, the shadows and the quiet, labyrinthine backgrounds of this nineteenth-century environment. Works in a classical style with wind towers. The restored structures currently house shops, historic centers, craft shows and bistros. Visit one hour after the start of the day or late in the evening to escape the events. Take your picture to incorporate the know-how or the bright white minaret of Al Farooq Mosque.

2. Al Seef

Al Seef, a waterfront promenade with a marina next to Bur Dubai Creek, is one of Dubai’s top attractions. You will see merchants who offer Karak tea and sausages, riverside individuals and bistros at contemporary retail outlets. On the other hand, an Arabian soup of conventional engineering requires to be shot. Stick to the local population to defend a shot that includes current passers-by against the outdated structure.

3. Bur Dubai Creek

Time seems to have stopped at the ancient stream of Bur Dubai where locals and travelers download Abras or wooden dhows and go over water in the souks of Deira. With the inhabitants who stop on the sea lanes along the river and the boats, the photographic openings are eternal. For a photo similar to the one above, stay on the beach just outside the old textile souk. Get an hour before dusk when the light begins to soften and use a zoom focal point to get all the activity.

4. Sunset Beach

Appropriately, Sunset Beach is the perfect place to take an ideal photo at dusk with the Burj Al Arab-shaped cruise, located in front of the cruise. Arrive on shiny hours and explore different ways to take photos, as the sky is painted in orange, gold and lilac. There are often individuals swimming here until dusk, so do not place a massive camera on a tripod, but pull it by hand. Use sketches and a human component for your images.

5. Tolerance Bridge

The Tolerance Bridge connects the two shores of Dubai’s water canal. Its wonderful curve describes the great height of Sheik Zayed Road. Climb at dusk a few minutes before dusk and put your tripod on the promenade, under the scaffolding, two or three hundred meters from the slope of the indisputable side of Safa Park. As the sun dawns on the horizon, the lights on Sheik Zayed Street, tall buildings and scaffolding are the ideal conditions to take a head-to-head with incredible light trails in the ditch.