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Why Osteopenia Patients Should Use The Whole Body Machine

Osteopenia is when the bone mineral density is low. Mostly women are the ones affected most because they lose their bone mass quickly as compared to men. Many women limit when they eat to maintain their body weight. They do away with dairy products from their diet which puts them at the risk of bone loss since they lose their major source of calcium.

The leading causes of osteopenia are like physical inactivity, poor nutrition, medication and genetic. The major treatment of osteopenia is having proper diet. Your diet should comprise of fruits and vegetables and add mineral and vitamin supplements. You should also emphasis on full body exercise and with patience and determination you can rebuild your bone density. Almost all people are concerned about their health. It is considered more effective to have the home gym equipment that offers you the comfort of exercising at home.

There are various home gym tools hence makes it challenging to get the one that suits your needs best. You should consider buying the whole body vibration machine while treating osteopenia as it assists in strengthening the muscles, power and balance of the user. While using the machine you can either sit or stand. You can regulate the vibrations and the frequency of the machine as you use the vibration machine. Other patients like stroke patients and those with back pains can enjoy the benefits of that machine.

There is the isometric exercise on the machine which helps in muscular strengthening. Those suffering from knee osteoarthritis use vibration machine such as the lunges, dips and squats to strengthen their muscle. People with special disabilities and cannot use the regular strength can also use the whole body vibration machine. One of the main advantage of using the vibration machine is that the user does not strain their cardiovascular system.

Patients suffering from the Parkinson disease can use the whole body vibration machine to and stability, strength, and flexibility. Synovial fluid is released within the first few seconds of using the machine offering lubrication to enhance movements. Stiff joints can now move freely and easily after the release of synovial fluid. The healing process begins when the oxygen is pumped into the damaged joints. Whole body vibration training can reduce the chances of osteoporosis in post-menopause women.

It helps in healing the muscle. It is the best to recover from an intense body workout to help prevent soreness and stiffness after the workout. Vibration exercise helps in cleaning the body toxins by increasing the lymphatic drainage. You must be an informed buyer before you go buying the whole body vibration machine. First check the quality of the material used to make the vibration machine.

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