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Love Commitment on Promise Day

Love cannot continue without nurturing it. The emotion is very fragile if it is not reciprocated. The best of partners need reassurance of affection from time to time. The sensitivity of feelings like dedication, affection and faithfulness have to be nurtured with care. The vows made to each other has to be honored in good and bad times.  Valentine week is the best time to convince and give confidence to the sweetheart that you care as you did earlier. To do this Valentine Day gifts, flowers and messages are exchanged; February is the month of affair of the heart. From 7th to 14th February days are marked to celebrate romance in a certain way.  Promise day falls on 11th February. Promise day means commitment, pact, vows, consent, swearing as word of honor.

Boundless love comes with lot of obligations, constraints, and pledges for lifetime.  Love has to be continual, unceasing, persistent and fair. Love is not just flirtation; it is more permanent in nature. It should stand against all odds. Promise day is celebrated with zeal vigor and commitment all over the world. Those going steady take their relationship to bigger heights of bonding.  They take the responsibility of being together in all walks of life. Love for each other is unconditional.

Promise Day Gifts flood the market with gift shops and online stores doing brisk sale. Pick up from these centers and gift to sweethearts of both sex, and even those on the verge of beginning relationships; Gifts for husband should be picked with care as it is an established relationship love has to be kindled frequently. Words should speak of your inner feelings which you could not voice to him. Take care of your responsibility to keep the commitment going; hurts have to be healed.  Make pledges which you can fulfill.  Be bold enough to rectify mistakes on the occasion of the promise day. Make all efforts to remain the relationship forever. Nobody is perfect that is why behavior has to be corrected and bad habits overlooked to remain in the relationship.

Some messages are as follows:-

  • I expect you never to rob, be untruthful, or deceitful; if you have to steal then snatch my sorrows,
  • If you must rob then rob my sleepless nights,
  • If you must be deceitful then cheat the oncoming death because I cannot live without you
  • Happy promise day beloved.
  • If you decide to be the moon, I pledge to be your star
  • If you decide to be the rain, I pledge to become your rainbow
  • If you decide to be butter, I pledge to become your bread
  • If you decide to be the river, I pledge to form currents in you
  • I pledge to be in sync with you forever
  • Happy Promise Day sweetheart.

A SMS text could be;-

You are as charming as a Rose bud, you are brilliant as a star, and you are ravishing as a rabbit. This is my impression of you. You are my whole world. Happy Promise Day.

Give personalized key chains, love scribbled cushions, Chocolate mesmerizing hampers, tasty cake hampers with cards. Make the most of your Promise Day and live happily ever after.