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Love Quotes for Him to Make Your Love Lively and Enjoyable.

Among all things on earth, love is the most precious. So, if you have have been sincerely loved by a great man, then you will find these beautiful love quotes for him ideal.

This classic collection of love quotes incorporates some deep and poignant thoughts on love that are meant to warm your loved one’s heart. Learn more about love quotes for him on

1.Max Muller on Love and Flowers.

“A flower is unable to blossom if it lacks sunshine, and a man will find it unworthy living without love.”

Though the body can look fine without love, there is usually that part inside him that will wither without the love. So, just like the flowers wither if they lack sunshine, so does the heart of a man if it is not given love.

2. Valerie Lombardo on Lovers and Friends.

“To be your best friend was all I imagined; to become your lover was all I wanted.”

This is our best love quote for him if you first became friends with the man who later became your lover. You can comfortably say this quote to him. Many are the times when everlasting love is created from the bonds of friendship. So, ensure that regardless of how long you stay together, that you remain friends.

3. Christina White on the Depth of Love.

“My love for you is boundaries and has no depth; it is ever growing.”

When people love, they can surely love endlessly. Our love might change and expand with time since we keep on changing. However, the fact remains that the love we share doesn’t end and no one wishes it ends.

4. Pablo Neruda on Straightforward Love.

“I loved you without knowing from where, how and when. I just loved you, without complications or pride.”

Probably, this articulately explains how you found yourselves together. It was not something you were searching for, expecting or maybe it was not something you thought it could be possible. However, true love never delays and comes without any complications and flows easily through your veins if you let it. The important thing is being open and receptive to it.

5. Deanna Anderson’s Final Words.

“If I were told to choose between my life and loving you, I would use my last breath to say; I love you.”

You will probably like to whisper something to your love in your last breath. While this is not what we would like to happen to you, make sure to embody this love quote for him by living every hour like it is the last chance you are given to express your love to him.

6. Dierks Bentley on Always Thinking of Him.

‘You are always on my mind. No matter what I do or where I go, I will always think about you.”