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With the popularity of the Android Operating System and how it dominated the market as one of the major Operating system today, it definitely didn’t elude you, that google is the brand that has the ownership of this OS and it is used by multiple brands worldwide. It is so popular and renowned to the point where you’d see it in LG, Motorola, Huawei, Oppo, Samsung and a whole lot more. However, although they are using the system owned by Google, you simply cannot refer to them as a Gphone or a Google Phone.

If you are not informed yet, the brands aforementioned aren’t brands handled or owned by Google making them unqualified to be termed as the G-phone – these g-phones refer to phones that are made by Google itself which includes Nexus and the Google Pixel phone. If you don’t think about it carefully, you’ll surely see Google phones are on equal standing as any other phones in the market using Android since they have the same operating system but, the former definitely holds innumerable advantages just based on the fact that it is owned by Google, which other brands can’t hope to topple.

It isn’t rocket science for you to not realize immediately, that the Google Android is something that’s modified to be used by other brands. You would not be able to notice these extremely minute differences without a topnotch discerning eye and the modified version is done by the other brands themselves to make sure that they get benefits from the system. These differences from the original operating system from Google, opens more possibility of problems occurring which should not have happened with the original Android.

There’s no doubt that one of the most amazing advantage of Google phone also lies in the fact that they are highly customizable as they allow programmers to establish their own mods on the phone. There’s also the plenty of mods available in the market for those who can’t create their own mods, and these mods will surely bring more functions to your phone and something that simply cannot be done on an Android system that’s been modified on other phones.

The fact that Google also make the updates and innovation for the Google Android, doesn’t make it surprising that they also ensure that their google phones get the first update on this system. There’s also the fact that the other brands would still have to take their time, creating a modified Android version for their own usage, which make it apparent that users would be stuck with the old version while those with the original Android are already reveling on new features and capabilities.

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